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About Us

Shadow Systems IT Consulting was established in Edinburg, Texas as a sole proprietorship in 1991 to address the technology needs of a growing economy in South Texas, an area referred to as the Rio Grande Valley and known as the RGV and also “The Valley” and to serve as a leader in IT Consulting services.

Our business had always been promoted through a network of friends and customers. We provided IT Consulting and IT support to local Valley merchants and residential customers. In the early days we also provided technical support services for businesses across the border, in Reynosa, Mexico for medical offices, shipping and receiving companies, factories, and television broadcasting companies.


Shadow Systems IT Consulting has transitioned from a sole proprietorship to an LLC and adopted an IT model which allows us to be more agile, responsive, and allows us to provide a plethora of IT resources to educate our members on the latest emerging technologies such as hyperconverged infrastructure computing (HCI), cloud computing, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), XaaS technologies, managed detection and response (MDR), incident response IR) planning,  endpoint detection and response (EDR), extended detection and response (XDR) these educational resources are made possible by our partnerships with our sponsors.

Shadow Systems IT Consulting connects you with our sponsors that offer server solutions that are on the cutting-edge. Our sponsors server solutions eliminate the expensive cost of supporting legacy server solutions by introducing a hyperconverged infrastructure solution that incorporates high availability, high resiliency, self-healing solution with built-in backup and replication as well as easily allowing you to incorporate a DRaaS for disaster recovery in the cloud easily as well as other XaaS solustions.


Our sponsors server solutions do not require a team of engineers to manage your datacenter, nor licensing cost associated with other legacy server solutions, thereby reducing your total cost of ownership and maximizing your value to dollar and cost savings.

Shadow Systems IT Consulting's sponsors provide solutions that will ensure you are HIPPA and SOC2 compliant. If you are healthcare organization and need to migrate from an end-of-life environment (software/hardware) to ensure you can maintain your business revenue, then please reach out to one of our sponsors and they will assist you on migrating you to our state-of-the-art server solution as well as assist with migrating you off an end-of-life database system to a hybrid database solution 

Shadow Systems IT Consulting's sponsors provides managed detection and response (MDR) / incident response (IR), endpoint detection and response (EDR) along with security information and event management (SIEM) solutions to protect your organization from ransomware attacks as well as other compromises.  Insurance carriers that insure against these types of attacks will soon be requiring that your organization have an MDR/IR and EDR solution in place in order to approve your claim should your organization suffer a successful ransomware attack or other systems compromise.

Shadow Systems IT Consulting's sponsors have cost effective solutions that can assist your organization meet your IT services needs while maximizing your value to dollar while adding cost savings and leading edge technology.


Please submit a request for service and we will connect you with one of our sponsors who will provide an IT service solution that meets your needs and budget.

We thank you for your membership.


Javier Chapa


Kelly B Harris


Sr. Systems Professional

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